Naoki Ogawa

1986年 和歌山県生まれ。工学修士(感性工学)。



ニッケルハルパの製作法は、これまで瑞Olle Plahn、Bertil Hallgren両氏から、現地で彼らの楽器製作を手伝いながら直々に習得。また、EsbjörnやBosse、Thor各氏の工房も訪れ、彼らの製作法にも触れている。また、現地製作者セミナーなどに参加、知見を深めている。ニッケルハルパ使い。


Foto: Taku Koike

Hi! I am Naoki Ogawa then I’m (probably only a) nyckelharpa builder in Japan.

After I finished master’s course in KANSEI Engineering, I’ve been continuously building my career on engineering(Designing and improving electrical products and systems).

Since 2015, I’m really into making nyckelharpa and doing that. I don’t think I’m skilled in woodworking for now, but I’ve been trying to understand/do how to make the nyckelharpa which is based on swe-tradition of today.

FYI: here is a link to useful page Harpbyggare which shows a list of (possibly active) nyckelharpa builders in SWE/WW.